Saturday, 14 April 2012

Hippy Gift Shop - Featured Store of the Week


Pixie is a Pro Zazzle Designer, who enjoys running her two stores, one of which we are featuring this week called the 'Hippy Gift Shop'.  Pixie is also a very keen photographer and can always be found out and about with her camera in her spare time.

With a keen eye for detail and a great sense of fun you can see why her Hippy Gift Shop is alive with colour, befitting the variety of styles and artform in her designs, which range from funky-hippy to gothic, and ethnic / new age.

The sense of fun in the designs is not only prelevant in the vibrant colours but also the themes.  One popular design example to look out for is the family of cute kawaii alien monsters cartoon that you will see on speakers and other items. Other designs feature her fractal artwork and more psychadelic graphics.

Check out our full feature article on the 'Hippy Gift Shop' to see what delightful surprises you might enjoy discovering.

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