Monday, 28 May 2012

Gifts of the Day Blog Inviting Authors

Just to announce that I shall be opening up access to the 'Gift Community Spaces' as we go so they'll be more authors and people who can contribute easily and have access to tweak posts about their products and add extra special images/information or keyword tags to their posts and even schedule when they should post.

It will be by invitation to begin with, but if you are a Zazzler or contribute regularly already then as long as I have your email address you should hopefully get an invite.  Please email me via my store if you think that I don't have your email contact and therefore unlikely to receive an invitation in the early stages.  The reason I ask for an email from within Zazzle / your store to my store page is so that I can at least verify who you are and that it is a legitimate request.  If you don't know my store, you will find it at:*

The roll-out will start on the Gifts of the Day blog. 

What You'll Be Able to Do

As an author, what you will see on the site, the below editing pencil that will give you access to your post:

With 'Author' access you will be able to access and edit your post by clicking on the pencil icon.

My recommendation is that you only go into add labels for your products, unless you are completely comfortable with tweaking HTML codes to your will or happy to play with the compose view.

Simply adding labels will help with searches for your product and for your products to appear in more places, especially once blogs are written on certain gifts under particular labels for example wedding gifts, pets, sports, music etc. This helps to categorise your products so they can be pulled up by labels easily.  Adding your store name as a label means you can pull up all your products submitted for that store easily.  

Labels you add will appear at the bottom on your posts.

Your label will appear at the bottom of each post as above but also in a separate window displayed currently on the side bar split out by different themes as below.  There are currently five label options visitors can browse with including: gift product categories, themes, styles, special occasions, and Artist / store submissions.

Labels allow visitors to easily look for gifts but also for artists to find your own products as above.

I've kick-started with some labels to showcase how this set-up works.  There's a lot of flexibility to evolve the set-up according to the types of tags that will start appearing.

If you are already contributing and would like access to your posts please get in touch for an invite. As every do feel free to leave your comments and feedback.

Thanks for reading this far!


  1. Do you have some embroidery collection which i can use for Send gifts to Pakistan to my mother on Mother's Day?

    1. We will probably continue to add more embroidered gift items on to our blog site.