Monday, 14 May 2012

Gifts of the Day Blog Launched

Gifts of the Day -

Gifts of the Day blog site is launched today - this is an auto-post site set up for all Zazzle designers to contribute their gift creations daily.  I decided to set this one up also as a compliment to the arts gift pages which gets re-formated quite a bit from the email posting so this will allow submitters to keep their referral id and by pass any form filling.

Yes there is an email to post to this - if you don't know it please check the forum or get in touch.

Mainly gifts submitted to the arts gift page will be shared on with the Facebook community also since the arts gift page is where I do actively manage most of my time.

I think once the site gets some momentum then it may be possible to pick out a few top gifts of the day based on the viewing stats.

Enjoy - yet one more space to browse for gifts and one more for designers to add their items.

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